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Where there is light there is hope.

Supporting The Livelihoods And Economic Empowerment Of Youth And Women.
Through Business Skills
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Where there is light there is hope.

Digital And Technical Skills For Youth.
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Where there is light there is hope.

Implementation of GBV Response Initiatives.
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Where there is light there is hope.

Be A Game Changer, Support Our Work.
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Where there is light there is hope.

Arts & Culture for change
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who we are?

We’re a Non-Profit Organization that strives to work and ensure that less privileged youth, women and people living with disabilities are furnished with valuable information, skills and support that enables them to live without depending to anyone or the government for their survival.


For 10 years, our sole focus has been to work with communities in addressing social challenges that negatively impacts disadvantaged youth, women and people living with disabilities to live peaceful and realize their fullest potential. It is our believe that Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much, since inception, we have bee ensuring that everyone in the communities we serve become part of the solutions to the challenges faced by the communities.

Our Reach
Our Partners

Light of Nation Youth Projects works with corporations and corporate foundationseducational institutions, and other types of community development organisations of all sizes in transforming the lives of marginalised youth and women in townships and rural areas.

Key objectives of the organisation

Eradicating of poverty in our communities through job trainings and placements.


Improve quality of life for the communities we serve by making available of the productive resources for young people to freely use to access economic opportunities.


Respond to the most crucial need of our community through a provision of vocational skills that will not only lead our beneficiaries into jobs but influence their own developments and create a sustainable livelihood for them.



To empower youth, women and people living with disabilities with vocational skills that will positively influence their own development and create a sustainable livelihood for them.



Educate our beneficiaries regarding generating their own self-employment through entrepreneurs programs and mentorship.

It is our mission to deliver innovative and relevant programmes on multiple NQF levels and implemating innovative strategies that will create sustainable livelihood  for the marginalised group and empower them to be self-independant and act as responsible citizens within their communities.

Become one of the South African’s foremost community youth development organization that strives to implement innovative strategies that fight community ills and place youth into decent jobs.

About Us

Light of Nation Youth Projects is a national skills development organization that is
legally registered in South Africa with NPO registration number 133-692. The
organization was born in 2010 to provide youth and women with productive
resources to use in accessing valuable opportunities, knowledge and skills to use as
weapons to reduce poverty and eliminate other socio economic challenges.

Since its inception in 2010,

 Light of Nation Youth Projects have reached and developed over 9000 youth, women and disabled people in rural and townships areas with a wide ranging of programs that enabled them to tackle socio economic drivers .We have been striving and ensuring that the people we serve in communities are provided with productive resources to access information, employment and other opportunities that improves and sustains their economic empowerment.

As young visionaries, we have realized that there is a lot that’s still needs to be done in our communities and country at large, and alone we can’t do much, we are continuing to form partnerships with different stakeholders to ensure that vulnerable youth and women  are reached and developed with programs that directly influence their development and living conditions.

We do not discriminate on the basis of race, culture, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or disability. We believe that No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. We have also formed partnerships with disabled Centers and schools in the implementation of development programs for people living with disabilities.

Our main reason of existence

There is nothing more painful than to spend your parent’s pension money or last savings to get better education in high learning institutions and remain unemployed for more than 6 to 10 years while having all the qualifications.

As the youth of South Africa who have fallen into the same trap of using parents’ money to study further and remain unemployed for a very long time after graduating, we have  stood up and decided to establish an organization that won’t only lead unemployed youth into jobs but also  bring light and hope into their lives . 


We have also realized that many vulnerable youth and women who are from our disadvantaged communities they do not have necessary resources to search for employment and other opportunities. The main purpose of our existence is to reduce vulnerabilities and unemployment among women and youth through the provision of skills programs and job placement in partnership with a range of variety stakeholders.

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